Which supplement suits your skin?

Which skin supplement is suitable for you? We provide advice when you can choose SkinRecovery and when SkinBalance.

SkinBalance or SkinRecovery?

Do you want ongoing nutrition for balanced skin and the best support for your hair and nails?

SkinBalance gives your skin the best nutrients available. Supporting a strong, resilient skin, with that subtle glow that reflects health.

Has your skin been affected by damage, illness or lifestyle?

SkinRecovery gives your skin a boost and helps to restore the skin-gut balance. Helps skin exposed to: stress, skin treatments such as laser, peeling or minor cosmetic procedures, air pollution, poor ventilation, regular exposure to the sun and sea, and frequent travel.

BAP Medical SkinBalance and SkinRecovery

When is SkinRecovery the right choice?

  • When your skin is vulnerable, damaged or (over)sensitive.
    • For burns and sunburn.
    • During periods when the skin is particularly stressed, for example during winter sports and in summer (UV radiation).
  • Before, during and after professional skin treatments, such as peeling, laser, use of medical products and cosmetic procedures.
  • When travelling regularly and experiencing changing environmental factors.
  • During periods of increased stress or pressure.
  • When you want to boost the condition of your skin.
  • For skin that demands ongoing support.
  • To maintain resilient skin, from within.

More info: SkinRecovery

When is SkinBalance the right choice?

  • To support resilient and hydrated skin (for all skin types).
  • To maintain the results you achieved with SkinRecovery.
  • For sensitive skin or skin that quickly becomes unbalanced.
  • For anyone who wants continuous support for a resilient, smooth skin – from within.
  • As powerful support for skin, hair and nails.

More info: SkinBalance

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